About Me

I began my career as a truck driver but I quickly found my interest waning. It took me about ten years to realize what I was really passionate about.

The only real career factor that motivated me was doing something I really liked. I realized that I didn’t have the tools to do the work.

It was then I then decided that I wanted to commit to an occupation that does well for society; so I began to study computer support where I work with people and help solve problems. So began my collegiate career at Clark College in Vancouver Wa,

Computers have always fascinated me Ever since, I can remember I have been fascinated with the computers. To me they are magical. I remember back typing on the command prompt on MS-DOS and figuring out how to run various scripts on computers that I was given or purchased.

I remember being amazed with Windows 95, the sound of a 56k modem, the welcome page of yahoo, and when Yahoo, Lycos, and Alta Vista were the top search engines. I was a big technology enthusiast, but always thought of it as a hobby.

I taught myself HTML and photoshop and became more interested in computer technology. Today, I am studying to become a support specialist and hope to work on large projects that affect millions of people. On a part-time basis I do freelance web design and consult for small businesses .

I hope that this portfolio will provide you with a sense of what I have been trying to accomplish in the past couple of years, and a  start of a new career.

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