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BTEC  149         COMP APPL ESSENTIALS Fundamentals of common business applications using MS Windows and MS Office. An overview using Windows to manage files/folders and giving students hands-on experience in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software.


CMST& 230         SMALL GROUP COMM Small group communication emphasizing theoretical principles and their application, enabling students to become more comfortable and competent participants in the group communication process. Emphasis will be on the study and application of the dynamics of group development, problem solving methodologies, and the use of power, including leadership and conflict. Formerly titled CMST 201


CTEC  100         INTRO TO COMPUTING Overview of computer information systems. Introduces computer hardware, communications, systems, and human resources, exploring their integration and application in society. Extensive coverage of terminology. Class constitutes a general introduction to computer systems and how they are used.


CTEC  102         INTRO TO WINDOWS  Introduction to the Windows GUI environment. Topics covered include: Windows startup, desktop and resource management, troubleshooting and Windows utilities. Work with graphics, perform object linking and embedding, and develop familiarity with the resources in Network Neighborhood.


CTEC  140         INTRO TO UNIX An introduction to the structure and use of the UNIX operating system. Topics covered include: file management, common utilities, and (basic) shell programming.


DVED  023         MATH BASICS II An introduction to algebra, solving equations, the integers, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, basic geometry, and measurement.


ENGL& 101         ENGLISH COMPOSITION I  Exposition and argument, emphasizing critical thinking in response to electronic and print texts. Focus on exploring, developing, and communicating ideas in a voice appropriate to the audience. Students strengthen skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. In-class and out-of-class essays required.


Qtrly:     Gpa Cr  15.0  Cr Earn  15.0  P/S Cr   0.0  Grpts   60.0  GPA 4.00




CTEC  101         COMPUTING ESSENTIALS  Introduction to basic skills and problem solving involved with computer hardware, operating systems, and application programs with a special emphasis on conventions and skills universal to a variety of computing settings and skills which promote portability between systems and applications. Provides an overview of key skills in a variety of operating system environments and digital interactive settings. Skills and topics include: essential interactions in major operating system environments, basic hardware components of a personal computer system, an overview of file formats and management with an emphasis on backup and portable document strategies, basic interactions in e-mail and worldwide web including how to document and save web pages, and a survey of the purposes of various types of application programs.


MATH  030         PRE-ALGEBRA An introduction to algebra, solving equations, the integers, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, basic geometry, and measurement.


PHIL& 101         INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY Some of the great themes and major figures of Western philosophy.


CTEC  141         UNIX SYSTEM ADMIN  Fundamental concepts, ideas and practices of administrating the UNIX operating system. Topics include account management, file systems, startup and shutdown, printing, security, backups, configuration, optimization and basic networking


CTEC  150         INTRO LOCAL AREA NETWORK  Foundational concepts and skills associated with computer networking. Topics include basics of local area networking and wide area networks, the OSI Model, wired and wireless networks, Internet Protocol/Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/IP), and network security. Course is based on the Networking Fundamentals Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification which students will have an opportunity to earn as a part of the course curriculum.


MATH  089         ALGEBRA I Numeric and algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities, in one variable, the coordinate plane, lines, systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables, introduction to functions.


CTEC  103         INTRO TO MAC/OS  Introduction to the Macintosh operating system. Course emphasizes the feel and function of the Macintosh, conveying the Macintosh as a visual environment. Visual cues and identification of the concepts that make a Macintosh unique will be stressed.


CTEC  104         PC SUPPORT CUST SERVICE Communication skills for working in a technical environment. Topics covered: professional ethics and behavior, health and safety issues, and developing a service attitude.


HLTH  100         FOOD & YOUR HEALTH Exploration of the connection between food choices and health with an emphasis on whole foods. Focus on developing personalized healthy strategies to advance health.


PSYC& 100         GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY The scientific study of behavior and mental processes including research methods, psychobiological processes, learning, memory, psychological disorders, psychotherapy, and other topics to be determined by the instructor


NTEC  221         CISCO CCNA 1 Introduction to the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet, and other computer networks. Covers the principles and structure of IP addressing. The fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations are introduced to provide foundation for the basics of network administration. Students will learn to build simple LANs, perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes. Part one of a two-course sequence that helps prepare students for the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) industry certification, and part one of a four-course sequence that helps prepare students for the CCNA Routing & Switching industry certification


NTEC  232         COMPTIA A+ PC TECH Preparation to successfully pass the CompTIA A+ certification, the industry standard for computer support technicians. Focus on the installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting of PC desktop systems, with emphasis on hands-on role playing experiences to develop excellent customer service and communication skills to work with clients


Qtrly:     Gpa Cr  12.0  Cr Earn  12.0  P/S Cr   0.0  Grpts   48.0  GPA 4.00




CTEC  110         COMMAND LINE ESSENTIALS  Preparation to interact with either a Windows System Command Prompt or a UNIX or UNIX-like Shell Prompt as a knowledgeable end-user.


CTEC  130         MTA WINDOWS FUNDAMENTALS  Fundamental Windows interactions and key skills and issues important in providing support for Windows users. Topics include basic interactions with Windows, system configuration, installing and upgrading systems, managing devices, system maintenance and other support issues. Course is based on the Windows Operating System Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification, which students will have an opportunity to earn as a component of the course curriculum.


HDEV  195         WORKPLACE SUCCESS Learn how to analyze your current work experiences to increase your success and potential for advancement. Gain knowledge specific to your work demands, develop transferable skills in human relations, information, and resource management. Satisfies the concurrent enrollment requirements for Co-op Work Experience.


CTEC  105         INTRO TO THE INTERNET  Introduction to global networking and the Internet from the user’s perspective with an emphasis on the basic skills required to participate as a member of the Internet community. Topics include use of electronic mail, electronic discussion groups, accessing databases and on-line information from around the world, and downloading files from file archives. Overview of the social impact of networking technology, the Internet history, and culture.


CTEC  200         PC HELP DESK  Work experience for Computer Support Specialist students. Students will work at the Student run CTEC Help Desk. Days and times are arranged to meet both student schedules and the help desk mission. Students earning the CSS degree or CSS certification are required to sign up for at least 2 credits and will be expected to work 3 hours per week per credit at the Student Help Desk. Other course work outside of Help Desk shifts will be required.


GEOL& 101         INTRO PHYSICAL  A dynamic earth, geologic time, origin and identification of minerals and rocks. Volcanoes, earthquakes and the structure of earth in light of plate tectonic theory. One day field trip required. [NS, SE]


CTEC 122  HTML FUNDAMENTALS  Introduction to website development through the mastery of the fundamentals of HTML, XHTML, and CSS coding for web pages. Intended to give the student the basic skills required to hand-code web pages from scratch. A website will be developed in compliance with current web standards, practices, and usability. Topics include: XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS#, web server organization and structure, text editors, images, links, lists, forms, tables, and code validation.


CTEC 295 CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE Capstone experience for CTEC degree and certificate, to assess and refine final skill set. Focus on developing and engaging in learning experiences to demonstrate and expand workplace skills and abilities. Development of employment-package resources and job-acquisition strategies.

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